The area around Gairloch is popular for both sea and freshwater fishing. The rivers Ewe, Badachro, Kerry and Gruinard offer excellent salmon and trout angling, while Loch Badachro, the Fairy Lochs, Loch Maree, Loch Tollaidh and Loch Kernsary, amongst others, are well-known angling spots. Fishing permits are required for freshwater angling, and are available from many local shops. Sea fishing is also popular, both from the shore and from boats. Many rocky promontories offer good spots from which to fish, but there are several local boat trips available offering great sea angling experiences. If you have a boat or angling kayak you can choose your spot, and may also be lucky enough to see some of the fantastic marine wildlife in this area at the same time. Pollack and mackerel are frequently caught in Loch Gairloch, but many other species are likely to be caught too. Another way to see local fish and shellfish is to take a trip with Dry Island Shellfish Safaris, in Badachro, voted one of the ‘7 quirkiest tours’ by the Guardian newspaper, where you might see octopus and a range of fish and shellfish not usually caught by anglers. 
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